We Provide Strategic Consulting and Marketing Services for Crypto, Web3 & NFT Projects to Help them Raise Funding.

Strategic Consulting and Marketing Services.

As partners on your project, we’ll help you attract powerful investors, build an engaging and sustainable community, and ensure you complete every pertinent point of your roadmap to success – on time and to their full potential.





Discord Improvement
& Tech Management


Custom Discord Bot Development


Design & Dev.








Discord Moderators / Community Management


Collab & Partnership




Web3 Strategic


NFT Smart Contract Development


Art Creation




Video Editing / Content Creation



Gabriel Francoeur Aguila

CEO & Founder

Alexis Gagné

Alexis Gagné

Business Development
Executive & Co-Founder

Fakhrul Islam Bhuiyan

Fakhrul Islam Bhuiyan

Discord Tech Manager


Aktar Uddin

Sales Prospection
Team Manager

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Weruncrypto is a Marketing & Consulting agency helping founders reach their objectives through creative and trackable marketing strategies.

We specialize in web3, Crypto & NFT projects.

Our experience and longevity in the industry give us expertise that no other agency has. We worked with 100+ projects over the past year working in the space.

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Discord Security

Restructuring the entire Discord security to strengthen it. Figuring out and resolving loopholes in the system. Prioritizing the security of the server to prevent server raids and bot spams.

Discord Improvement & Tech Management

Revamping the entire Discord server to make it more accessible to the members, creating a more streamlined experience.

Custom Discord Bot Development

Designing and implementing custom Discord bots to fit the server requirements. Each bot is unique and has a suitable purpose on the server.

Website Design & Dev.

We will design & develop the most optimal & attractive website to provide valuable information about your project. Web design plays a significant role in attracting investors to your project.

Paid Ads


Advertising the project on all platforms to extend the project reach and to increase the size of the community involved.

Influencer Promotion

Advertising with the help of already established influencers on social media with a huge following to maximize advertising effectiveness.

Press Release

Get your web3 project/company featured on press realeases like Yahoo Finances, Bloomberg, Business Insider or much more!

Discord moderators
/ Community Management

Assigning a moderation team on the server to monitor and maintain server activity, keeping members engaged and unsolicited activities in check.

Social Media Management

Managing social media accounts of the project – creating posts, increasing and monitoring activity/traction, and extending reach.

Collab & Partnership Management

We help you connect, partner up & collaborate with other established web3 projects/companies that align with your goals.


We can help you build a brand that is more than just a logo, name or colour scheme. It’s who you are as a company at a very fundamental level. If you can’t clearly articulate what your brand stands for, then you’ll probably struggle to convince prospective customers to buy from your business over the competition.

Web3 Strategic Consulting

We will analyze your company/project and provide you with proven strategic consulting with our extensive experience in the web3, crypto & NFT space.

NFT Smart Contract development

We will develop your smart contract from A to Z. Including: Smart Contract, Opensea Integrations, Credit Card Mint, Metadata, Website mint integration.

NFT Art creation (3D or 2D)

We help you create the best 2D or 3D art for your NFT project based on your requirements & vision.

Graphic Design

Centralize your online graphic design needs with a creative team and designers who can execute on your creative vision, with a fraction of the hassle.

Video Editing / Content Creation

Creating some informative, eye-catching videos based on the project requirements.